Melanie Hampton
Hey, my name is Melanie Hampton and this is my portfolio. LETTER OF INTRODUCTION WORKSHEET Directions: You will use this as a guide. Once you have filled in the blanks, you will then convert the paragraphs into a Letter. This is to act as a welcoming letter for your Portfolio. Paragraph #1: Introduction This section is used to introduce yourself and what credentials you have. Sentence One: Include your name, grade level or year of graduation, and what CTAE class you are interested in pursuing. My name is Melanie Hampton. I graduate in May of 2011. I am interested in pursuing a career in nursing. Sentence Two: Discuss what your current strengths, abilities and talents are. (fast typer, responsible, good time management, etc.) My current strengths are being a fast typer, being responsible, and having self-motivation. Sentence Three: Any type of accomplishments that you’ve achieved (middle/high school, or outside of school) or goals that you’ve set for yourself to achieve later in life. (explain how you’ll achieve them) I would like to achieve the goal of getting into the nursing program at Georgia Southern. I plan to obtain this goal by studying and keeping my GPA up. Paragraph #2: Career Search This section is used to talk about the type of career that you are interested in and what qualities you have that would make you good at it. Sentence One: What type of Career are you interested in pursuing? I am interested in becoming a Pediatric Nurse. Sentence Two: Why do you want to pursue this? What about it seems interesting? I love to be around little kids and having the honor to help them would really benefit me as well as my everyday life. Sentence Three: What skills or interests do you have now that would help you in this career? I have interests in studying to become a part of the nursing program at Georgia Southern. Sentence Four: What types of jobs are available in this career? Where would you be able to work in this career? In the nursing career you have many options. My option would be to work in pediatrics. Sentence Five: What would your References say about you if they were asked by an interviewer? They would say that I was very self-motivated, always on time, and would get whatever work it is that I have to do done. Paragraph #3: Work Samples This section is used to talk about an example of work that you will be showing later in the portfolio. This is going to be your proof that you would be great in the career listed above. Sentence One: What types of work sample are you using? (Introduction) What made you choose this sample as proof of your knowledge in this career? I would show examples of how my work started out very simple and became more complex. Sentence Two: Give a brief description of what the sample is, when you created this sample, and what you learned from this sample of work. The sample would be a creation of work that I did would be where we had to re-type letters. Sentence Three: Write a sentence stating where they can locate the Work Sample example within your portfolio. (what page or section) It is in the share folder under Mrs. Pattersons assignments and 4th block B day. Paragraph #4: Conclusion This section is used to conclude your portfolio. Wrap up your letter and include any information that you might need to convince employers to look at your portfolio or to hire you. Sentence One: Include any other information that an employer would need to know about you and your portfolio. Include any goal, ambitions, etc. that you have not included within the portfolio. My portfolio will give you a great understanding of who I am, my ambitions, and goals. Sentence Two: Closing Describe what you’ve learned with creating this portfolio. Then include a great closing sentence, indicating how you can be contacted if any other questions arise while looking at your Portfolio. I learned … I have learned that I have a lot of stuff to offer to a business that I decide to work at.

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